That is a quite a mouthful. And it looks like even the developer has some trouble saying his project’s name at the start of the video. But it sure doesn’t take away from the amazing thing he’s able to accomplish with the Kinect.

According to the developer, this is part of his masters thesis project:

“The Gestural Spatial Mixer. It is a means by which sound can be manipulated with gesture over a multichannel array system. While still in its infancy, it is my hope that this sort of gesture manipulation of sound and other information will be more and more common over the next years. The project incorporates an Xbox Kinect 360 to track the user and a pair of gloves that have two contacts whit which the user can grab the sounds and edit their various parameters.”

We’re seeing the increasing popularity of utilizing the Kinect’s voice and gesture recognition capabilities as alternative “controllers” so this one hack that I can easily see getting widespread use in the near future. It sure would be convenient if I can change settings without having to use any physical devices and just relying on gestures. How about you guys? Is this something you would welcome?



  1. This is a great project, the ‘pinch’ gesture is like literally grabbing the sound. I would definitely welcome this!


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