Hordes of hungry zombies, plants as your last line of defense and your hand as the tool to save your brain from being digested. Your favorite defense game, Plants Vs. Zombies can now be played using the Kinect. In your last desperate stand against the brain-eating zombies, your hands can prove to be the deciding factor as you use it to guide your plants to proper positions.┬áTango Chen released this video of his Kinect work and with him using the Kinect’s body and hand tracking in order to play Plants Vs. Zombies. In the video, the user can play the game (select plants, get sunlight and establish defenses) using his hand. While the game can use more accuracy, it is without a doubt that the Plants vs Zombies game can clearly (and probably be better) be played using gesture-based commands.

Here is a description by the developer:

“The programme used to control and play PvZ was written in C# with OpenNI & Nui.Vision library(by Vangos Pterneas, thanks to him and his great work for making it much easier to write this).

It can automatically change the way you control the PC when detecting the screen is in a different scene.

I used a different way to play PvZ that consider it as a tabletop game. so it wasn’t just simply control the cursor by moving your hands in a flat. Check the video. Thanks.”

For more information about the Kinect Plants Vs. Zombies hack, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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