We go back in featuring Kinect user-made games and what we are going to feature today will definitely excite casual gamers! The popular human interaction game, Human Tetris is accessible to everyone and you do not need the hard hitting moving walls to enjoy it. Frog Design is pleased to share this video of their Kinect Human Tetris game in being played by various users. The premise of the Human Tetris game is simple, an incoming wall will have an outline of human figures which the players have to replicate. By doing so, they can fit in the only hole and save themselves from being toppled down by the incoming wall. In this video release, users play the Human Tetris Game with a partner, trying their best to win the game by doing exhibiting the same posture the incoming wall presents. But all of these is in digital form as the Kinect captures the user’s outline and registers it to the projected screen. If the outlines match the figures, they pass the round, if not, they lose.

This simple yet highly addictive game are one of the games that Kinect have made possible to enjoy the comforts of your home. We’re expecting more of these amazing Kinect contributions in the future so stay tuned!

For more information about the Kinect Human Tetris, visit the project’s website.

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