Throw your pies accurately with this custom made Kinect game! The Kinect PieDoch let’s users toss pies in a catapult manner and have fun in the process! This video by¬† displays how this new kind of Kinect game can de-stress your everyday routines (and even toss pies to people you don’t like). In the video, the user is given control of an in-game avatar and a pile of pies. The user then can throw these pies at specific targets in-game (in this case, Rupert Murdoch), through a series of gestures. Pie throwing is always fun but are quite expensive and sometimes dangerous. Through the Kinect PieDoch, players can enjoy this wild practice safely and at the comforts of their own home! Let the pie wars begin!

For more information about the Kinect PieDoch, visit the project’s website or download the game here.

Download Code Visit Website



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