In the recently concluded Laval Virtual Fantasy student competition, we saw this amazing user-made Kinect game that utilize the depth camera’s body tracking. The Kinect Picnic Defense is another shining example of how the creative people in the Kinect community can create mind blowing and fun games for its users.¬†David Menard, Joel Vezina, Alexandre Monette-Martin and Frederic Blouin is the team behind the construction of ¬†this Kinect game. In the video, the Kinect game is played by having the user position themselves atop of a display. The setting is a peaceful picnic invaded by hordes of insects. Using their feet, the user should stomp on the insects in order to defend their picnic stash and win. The game even featured Xbox controllers to control insects for a multi-player experience.

Here is a description by the developers:

“This application was made for the Laval Virtual Virtual Fantasy student competition.
Protect your picnic from insects by stepping on them.

We process the raw image from the Kinect (CLNUI driver) to detect the feet of the user. We obtained a very good calibration and resolution (about half an inch), so we can precicely map where a user steps. We also used the wiimote for head-tracking (youtube johnny lee wiimote demo fo more on that).

The app also features a arcade game with 5 different insects, that observers can control with XBox360 controllers!”

For more information about the Kinect Picnic Defense, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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