Now this is a revolutionary use of Kinect in its intended genre: games. The Kinect Mimicry is a hands-on Kinect Sanbox game which make use of depth detection coloring and a table of material in order to terra-form your way to victory. This video by┬áMathijs Konings displays this creative game and how it challenges users to use their imagination. In this video, various players move the dirt found on the table in order to change the terrain. The terrain is traced by the Kinect via the depth detection feature, allowing different colors to illuminate the base. This then makes it possible to distinguish between the water, dirt and grass terrain. Afterwards, the newly changed terrain can be explored by the players via virtual characters. This game pretty much sounds like Minecraft but in a whole different, “hands-on” way. This is indeed a unique twist to the gaming genre of the Kinect!

Here is a description by the developers:

“We’ve made a setup with a real sandbox, a projector, a kinect. You can shape the sand, with gets a real time projection mapping texture. And you can explore this world behind the PC. You can see the virtual characters move trhoug the sandbox. “

For more information about the Kinect Mimicry, visit the project’s website.

Visit Website


  1. Looks like a home-grown, interactive, and cheaper version of the sandbox+application that the arizona fire guys use to predict the path of their fires. Very cool use of the technology.


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