More for us concerning the Kinect’s reach on user-made games only this time, it goes orbital! The iconic mech warriors from the Gundam franchise is now experiencing the Kinect’s natural user interface. Control your favorite Gundam robots through this user-made game. The members fromĀ The Visionaries 777 created this Kinect game that lets users possess a mobile battle suit and use their hands, the Kinect and a WiiMote to navigate through the virtual environment and also wield a blaster and a laser saber. These are the standards for any Gundam Pilot and these can now be experienced by any user. In the video, the Gundam robot’s shooter is controlled via the WiiMote while the the saber is controlled via Kinect. An interesting game with interesting mechanics, commercial developers should pay attention to this very immersing game.

For more information about the Kinect Gundam Game, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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