Use gestures to fly spaceships and interact with others in this up and coming outer space MMO! The Kinect Taikodom is a NUI rendition of a popular Brazillian MMO, Taikodom. This video by┬áRicardo Andere de Mello displays how he used the latest version of the FAAST toolkit to map his gestures to the game’s control and produce a gesture-based MMO game in Taikodom. In the video, the user is seen controlling his spaceship avatar using body gestures. Hand movements control the movement of the ship as well as the POV. Body movements meanwhile control the drastic flips of the ship that is essential in evading enemy fire and also positioning yourself. These hacks indeed give us a glimpse of the future of video gaming; one that involves gestures and independence from hardware at hand.

Here is a brief description by the developer:

“I play a brazilian MMO called Taikodom. It will be soon translated to english by K2, for EUA.
There is an old version, but the new version is called “Taikodom Living Universe”.
I used FAAST and did some key binds to go through the tutorial and some ingame action.”

For more information about the Kinect Taikodom, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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