Learn the art of elusive movement as the Kinect brings you this heart-stomping, movement game! The Kinect Evade is a user-made Kinect game which challenges users to quickly avoid incoming blocks and survive. This video by Edwin Guggenbichler displays this very exciting game and how it immerses users into the fun that is the Kinect Evade. In the video, the Kinect is able to track the user’s joints, mapping it to the in-game avatar. Random blocks hover around the user and given only a small platform, the user has to use quick with and movement to avoid incoming blocks. Doing so will result in victory but having a collision with the blocks spells defeat. The game is truly a great one with mechanics that will sure to push users to their decision-making limits. Start evading those blocks!

Here is a description by the developer:

“Evade” throws the player into a seemingly simple and peaceful world,
which soon turns out to be very hectical and complex the longer one stays
in this place. The own body, wits and reactions are needed to overcome or,
to be more precise, evade all incoming obstacles. One must be careful
though since a single mistake will set the world and its objects out of
control. Fortunately, the world of “Evade” gives brave players multiple
chances to prove and train their skills. Who will show the strongest will
and patience in this chaotic trial?

“Evade” offers simple, yet effective and exciting gameplay combined with
an unique and clean visual design in order to deliver a special experience
to the player. Step into a challenge that will test your reactions and see
how long you can flawlessly outrun all the obstacles!

For more information about the Kinect Evade, visit the project’s Youtube page or download the game here.

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  1. I am one of the two developers of this game. Currently we take part in the ASUS Developer Challenge and now we need you for the final voting: http://event.asus.com/wavi/gallery/work_list.aspx

    If you like our game please take your time to vote for us. This would be very kind and a BIG thank you in advance should you decide to give us a vote!
    cheers, Edwin Guggenbichler


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