The balance of the galaxy is in the fate of your hands. None can be truer than this when we’re talking about the Kinect Cosmic Buddha game. This gesture-controlled game challenges users to create a balanced rotation of the planets by aligning them through the use of hands. This video by Youtube UserĀ  showcases this great game that is also a cross-platform one by itself. In this video, the user is seen playing the game using their hands. The hand controls the alignment of the planets. The user then has to properly place them in the cosmos so as not to put the planet in a collision course. If the alignments are right, the balance is set, the game is won. These user-made games are becoming a main-stay accomplishment for the Kinect community. We salute the brilliant minds behind this great achievement.

For more information about the Kinect Cosmic Buddha, visit the project’s Youtbe Page.

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