Nobody messes with your ice cold mug of beer, even if they be aliens! The Kinect Aliens Stole My Beer Game lets you take your vengeance on the unlucky aliens who messed with your alcohol. This video by Eray Berger showcases the fun and creative Kinect game and how the people in the Freshtival Miller Festival in Istanbul greatly enjoyed the game. In the video, the Kinect tracks the body of the user and this serves as the controller for the space ship. Think of the game like the classic Space Invader though this time, the world of alcohol is in peril. The user then moves their body and feet in order to keep on shooting the aliens and also avoid incoming fire. Will the aliens win or will your thirst be enough to motivate you to counter them?

Here are the details of the Kinect program:

Over 400 people played and enjoyed the game at Freshtival the Miller Festival in Istanbul / Turkey.

Producer: Nerdworking (
Natural Interface: SigmaRD (
Game Development: SigmaRD & Code Island

Project Management: Erdem Dilbaz
Concept Development: Elif Demirci
Visual Artist: Ant Sengelli
Sound Designer: Gorkem Sen
Game Programming: Berkay Kaya
Nartural Interface Programming: Eray Berger, Cem Keskin

For more information about the Kinect Aliens Stole My Beer Game, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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