The classic character Pacman and his game gets a Kinect and 3d makeover as users can now enjoy this modernized game. The Kinect 3d Pacman gives users an interactive and physical game which they can play with their body. In this video by , the user is seen moving Pacman through body movements and inclinations. The objective of the game is control Pacman to eat the orbs. It also pushes the user to get used to the controls, thus having an endgame of being fluid in movement. The ghosts are also present and chase Pacman to stop him from eating the orbs. This enjoyable and great rendition of the classic game was made using Unity3d. This poses the question, when are we going to see these great user-made games for the Kinect be released?

For more information about the Kinect 3d Pacman, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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