Behold the power of two Kinect camera sensors! The Kinect Full 360 Hologram with iPiSoft Basic is an astonishing hack brought to us by Truebones which delivers a full rotatable, real-time image of the object being captured. This video by Joseph McPeek showcases this intuitive setup and by utilizing iPiSoft and 2 Kinect cameras, a person can get a 3d hologram of themselves! In the video, the user’s captured image is seen and can be viewed in full 3d and in real-time as well. Because of the 2 Kinect Setup plus the iPiSoft’s programs, the previous problem of missing information and gaps in the images are now repaired. Because of this, users can then create a holographic image of people along with the option of a rotatable view. Imagine the different special effects and programs that can now be used because of this breakthrough!

For more information about the Kinect Full 360 Hologram, visit the project’s website.

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