Today we feature one simple yet fun Kinect program. When the usual colorful flowers appear boring to you, why not replace them with an interactive robot flower? The Flowbot, connected with the Kinect, performs actions and motion commands issued by the user. The Flowbot can rotate, rise up and down and even open its petals so long as the user commands this through their movements. This Kinect program introduces a variety in choosing Kinect pets by adding this interactive Flowbot. While the current Flowbot just imitates the user’s actions, we are expecting that future developments of the Kinect Flowbot include the robot flower’s reactions and requests to its users. Not fond of having a pet but an inanimate flower is too boring? Then the Flowbot is the perfect Kinect companion for you.

This video by Vimeo User waruna De Silva displays the current state of the Flowbot and the actions that it is capable off.

For more information about the Kinect Flowbot, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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