Experiments with the Kinect in terms of therapy have started with the first installment of the Kinect’s Flow Field Massage. The next installment is now with us as this proof of concept dives deeper into creating a helpful tool in providing flow field manipulation and healing. The Kinect Flow Field Massage Part 2 showcases the latest development in this therapy session with the Kinect. In the video, projected lights are showered into the patient’s body as the Kinect detect’s the masseuse’s movements. The flow field is designed to aid in the massage therapy, creating an additional healing space for the patient. While there are still no approved therapeutic claims, we’re hopeful that this experiment sets the trend for the possibility of using the Kinect to create rehabilitation softwares.

“Experiments with Intelligent Healing Spaces using Kinect, Processing, the OpenKinect Libraries, and a video projector during a massage session. Depth threshold set to key out massage table. Flow field vectors informed by body movement during massage.

Video Goggles for both client and practitioner provide shared out-of-body camera perspective in realtime.”

For more information about the Kinect Flow Field Massage Part 2, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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