Now that the Kinect SDK is out, the future of Kinect robots is brighter than ever. This First Kinect SDK Robot demonstrates the accuracy and efficiency that the SDK has given to robot enthusiasts. The video from the┬áManila Manufacturing Engineering & Management (MEM) Department displays how the prototype robot can imitate the user’s gestures in real time. In this video, the user is seen moving his arms in rapid motion. The robot is able to follow the actions of the human user with such speed and accuracy that the program looks like a high-end gesture-recognition program for robots. As a matter of fact though, the primary tool used here was the free-to-download SDK along with applications such as WPF with CCR and Dynamixel SDK. With robots exhibiting this kind of control, there is without a doubt that robotic use is now possible.

For more information about the First Kinect SDK Robot, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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