We’ve seen how the Kinect’s motion sensing technology and depth camera can be used for a variety of purposes that far exceed its gaming roots. One of those areas that KinectHackers seem to enjoy developing for is security. Today’ featured hack does just that and could possibly be one of the foundations for a more complex Kinect-based security system — finger detection via Kinect.

According to the project’s Youtube site, the hack can distinguish between different fingers and which hand they belong to:

“Finger detector that can distinguish between fingers (thumb, index, ring etc.) and recognize if they belong to left or right hand. Fingers are also recognized when hand is closed.”

The hack can work from a maximum distance of 1.8 meters, enough for most applications that would need to have such a feature.  Other technical specifications and details according to the developer are as follows:

“Currently no additional filtering is applied and all processing is done in 5 ms using GPU.

“Detector needs only depth map, so it’s independent of used Kinect handling library.”

Be sure to check out the video to see the hack in action. It would be great to see some of these hacks coming together. Do share if any of you out there have great ideas that could combine these hacks and put them in action!



  1. I’m the final project in college and is associated with the hand detection using the kinect, can you help me about this ,
    Can you provide the source code so that I can learn?
    thanks in advance


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