This recent upload heralds the Kinect’s ability to largely contribute on film/movie construction. With motion capture effects now affordable, music videos such as this one has put the video effects to good use. The Herd is one of Australia’s hip-hop band and one of the first people to experience the Kinect’s film making prowess. This video shared by Jayson Haebich showcases this artistic music video and how the Kinect’s depth detection and motion capture creates the following attention-capturing effects. In the video, the faces of the band members are captured and are rendered. The performance of the band members also experience the same treatment. This gives film makers the ability to use the data to manipulate and create exciting effects that have been previously too expensive to create. The film’s song is the “Sum of it All” by the Herd.

Here is a description by the developer:

“Filmclip shot using kinect for Australian hip hop band The Herd. Directed by Prad Senanayake¬† with kinect/openframeworks programming done by Jayson

For more information about the Kinect Film – The Herd, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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