Combining images and videos to create a whole new display is precisely what this Kinect hack aims for. The Kinect FAAST and Arkaos made program changes the display images and videos based on the movement of the user. This video by Tom Smurthwaite showcases how this simple and fun Kinect hack takes users into a visual and audio journey. In this video, the FAAST properly detects programmed motions and each correspond to a visual feature. The user then can activate these by performing the motions. The magic happens though when certain gestures are performed together. For example, leaning forward will give you a moving vortex and raising your hand gives you an image of the ocean. Combining both will  give you a vortex of water. This Kinect program prides itself for providing a gesture-based command on the Arkaos VJ Software. These kinds of hacks, though simple, will definitely be the foundation of future ideas that developers can use.

For more information about the Kinect FAAST and Arkaos program, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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