Enjoy this agility game in a grand scale! The Kinect EnziTron tests user’s flexibility as it requires them to pose in different body shapes in order to collide with incoming squares and now, the game is projected in a big screen! This video by┬áRobert Praxmarer displays the grandeur and excitement of the Kinect EnziTron! In the video, the user is placed on top of a wooden platform – the area captured by the Kinect. The user then gains control of a VR character who needs to modify it’s body shapes in order to hit incoming objectives. This gameplay really puts the user into an alerted state and having the game on a big screen with people watching makes it even more exciting. We have games, we have the presentation and with the Kinect making it more interactive and alluring to users, we have reached a point of interactive galore!

For more information about the Kinect EnziTron, visit the project’s Youtube Page.


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