The Kinect virtual dressing room gets better and better! The Kinect Dressing Room with Cloth Physics takes this handy concept to the next level and makes clothes canvassing easier and faster. This video by ARBUZZ show how with the Kinect and this improved technology, users can try out different kinds of apparel without trying them out at all. In the video, the user is seen testing out various outfits but the trick here is that none of them are actually worn by the user. The Kinect captures the body’s outline and then places the virtual clothes over the user. The objects place themselves perfectly, allowing the user to examine his/her image even if actions are taken. This gives users the means to test the product before they buy it. Another thumbs up for the consumer market!

For more information about the Kinect Dressing Room with Cloth Physics, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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  1. i think this project is very interesting. Do you have a website showing this project? And can we buy it? If yes, could you please kindly send us an mail to my gmail? tks

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