Who said that touch-based browsing software was only for the rich and famous? Thought Studio recently released this trailer of the Kinect Digital Signage, a gesture-based browser for accessing multiple programs. This video by Thought Studio showcases the upcoming product that features an interactive browser capable of a natural user interface setup. In the video, short clips of the Kinect Digital Signage can be seen. Users can use hand gestures to access the Digital Signage browser and control a variety of programs that the a standard internet browser can use. If the Digital Signage comes out, we are sure to be treated in a whole new level of NUI browsing.

Here is a description by the developers:

“We have created a gesture-based browser capable of displaying powerpoint, silverlight, flash and HTML content. The difference between our browser and, say, Internet Explorer is that you can interact with our browser via gestures.”

For more information about the Kinect Digital Signage, visit the project’s website.

Visit Website


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