We take a look at one of the milestone developments of the Kinect. Being able to delete the background and having only the target image in the virtual scene, this Kinect program is the foundation of various programs. Music videos with particular special effects used Kinect’s background deletion technology in order to properly emphasize items in the foreground. Depth detection have been used in order to create virtual surfaces. This Kinect development has been continuously improved upon but for those who are new to the community, the video shows one of the first Kinect hacks that vastly expanded the possibilities of the device.

Here is a description of the project:

“This is my first pc application with kinect. It deletes the background of the room and it shows the benefits of the interaction between the depth buffer acquired by the range-camera and the depth buffer of the virtual scene.

I’ve noticed that the simulations are good only with frontal shoots from the camera and I’m more concerned about this aspect. There are theories about the elimination of the nasty shadows or the awful holes in the 3d model using multiple kinects but this solution in my opinion is too expensive and not usable by the users. I believe that with a little bit of programming it’s possibile to eliminate all the imperfections and to obtain the mesh of the human being tracked inside the scene.”

For more information about this Kinect development, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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