Staying true to the initial purpose of the Kinect, members of Pixel Ninja announced this upcoming zombie shooter game. The Zombie Holdout, a Kinect controlled defense game is set to be released next week for the consumer’s enjoyment. Using the Kinect and Unity, Pixel Ninja was able to develop this interactive game and provide the zombie holocaust fans an exciting alternative to the nightmare-fantasy genre. In the video, users can use their arms to aim their guns and shoot incoming waves of zombies as the monstrous undead try to ravage the last barricade between the user and certain (un)death. Pixel Ninja told in their website that the Zombie Holdout is a product of their “Project X” prototype which has reportedly acquired a base code for their developers to use. This means that we might be seeing more user-inspired games in the future.

For more information about the Zombie Holdout, visit Pixel Ninja’s Webpage.

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