Kinect hackers/dancers from Singapore recently rounded up dancers in order to try out this new and intuitive way of replaying their dancing effort. Using interactive colored dots to highlight the performance, these dancers can use their movement and make it into an appealing visual art. The user is traced by the Kinect and their framework is filled with colored dots to create an alternative figure in the video. Roaming colored dots in the video also display a popping action that adds depth and entertainment in the choreography.

Here is a description by the developers:

“For a change, how about dancers seeing themselves and their moves in a whole new light? An installation was built to wow and delight dancers using the Microsoft Kinect. Dancers are transported into a whole new world of colour and psychedelic fun.

Dancers are transformed into colourful bubbles which react and replicate the dancers’ moves. As dancers groove to the music, sounds will be triggered. Depending on which screen region the dancer move to and trigger, different pitches will be produced, leading to a unique mish-mash of creative sounds and movements. A first of first in many ways, the result is an unforgettable experience for the dancers and the audience.”

For more information about the Kinect F&N Dance Delight, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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