Everyone wants a souvenir whenever they attend important events. Photo booths producing pictures and stickers for the attendees are prized by most. All of this is about to change, however, since the Kinect and project “Fabricate Yourself” is now in the scene. Using the Kinect’s depth camera, developer Karl D.D. Willis set about in producing a program that captures the depth images of the attendees and translates them into material figurines. In this video release of project “Fabricate Yourself”, users position themselves in front of the Kinect camera and do whatever pose they desire. The Kinect captures the images, translate the dimensions and then prints the figurines via Dimension uPrint 3D printer.

The project remained loyal to the theme of the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference. Fabricate Yourself provided attendees with engraved figurines of their images. Will this be the new trend for event/party souvenirs?

For more information about Fabricate Yourself, visit their website.

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