Without a doubt, this is a glimpse of what the future can bring.¬†Youtube user hbenersuay has released this video showing a slice of advanced technology as he uses the Kinect in controlling and interacting with the Nao Robot. Through the use of Kinect’s depth camera, the code developer was able to sync the robot’s movement to his own. The project also gives users the ability to interact with the robot by having the following commands at their disposal: Body or Gaze Direction, Body or Gaze Switch Control, Motors On/Off and Stop Command.

The video excellently presented the capabilities of the Kinect paired with the Nao Robot. In the video, the Nao Robot was controlled via limb movement commands. The Nao Robot responded to the directional movement, showcasing the importance of the depth camera of the Kinect. Using these simple yet detailed commands, the user was able to remotely command the Nao Robot to transfer an object (this case, a yellow ball) from one place to the other.  Further developments of this technology with the Kinect might prove instrumental for different segments of the society.

You can download the Kinect and Nao Robot control code here.


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