One of the most surprisingly fun games to come out on Xbox Live is Torchlight, a hack and slash RPG that owes its inspiration to classics like the Diablo series. And while playing Torchlight on your Xbox is already fun enough by itself, some awesome KinectHackers have found a way to make it even more interesting by hooking it up to a Kinect:

“This is a hack that allows you to use gestural input from kinect and send information to any application on a mac. In this demonstration, we show that we can send information to a video game – in this case, Torchlight.”

You can learn more about the Torchlight hack’s specifics by checking out the project link we’ve provided below. But how cool is that? Keystrokes have been rendered obsolete by a simple wave of your hand. Makes you feel more like an adventuring wizard, doesn’t it?


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