What do you get when you combine a remote controlled helicopter, an Arduino, and a Kinect with some ingenuity and elbow grease? A really cool Kinect hack!

How is it done? The hack’s creator explains in his Youtube video:

“The Kinect detects my hands, head, and hips. This information is translated into x, y, z coordinates, processed with some 7th grade Algebra, and then sent to the Arduino over the serial port. The Arduino receives the signal, and converts it to a 38 kHz Infrared signal that the S107 can understand.”

The developer also shares that he intends to debut his demo at the Kitsap Maker Festival in June.

This is easily one of the more “fun” projects that we’ve encountered. It’s not going to change the world but it’s definitely bound to put on a couple of smiles on people’s faces.

For more technical details, click on the project website link below.

Visit Project Website




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