First we had chairs, they we transformed them to comfortable lounge chairs. Not having enough, we made them into recliners and also built massage features. With the Kinect though, chairs will enter a new age of evolution as the depth camera device introduces a natural user interface to control the chair’s mobility. This video from Youtube userĀ  is showcasing the Microsoft’s MIX11 mobile armchair – a setup which consist of a mobile platform, a recliner chair, a laptop and of course, the Kinect. A user’s hand gestures manipulates the direction and the movement of the chair. With this development, users can experience extra comfort in moving to and fro in their house. The natural interface also provides users a futuristic and distinct control system.

It might be the chair for today, but we might soon see a Kinect controlled car soon. Don’t you think?

For more information about the Kinect Controlled Recliner Chair, check out this coverage in Time Techland by Matt Peckham.

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