In the category of impressive Kinect-inspired light shows, LED lights have entered the picture. We’ve seen this popular LED Light show in Youtube but this was made using motion-capture syncs. We wonder then if the Kinect can give this kind of feature to people. Well, thanks to Marcus Ghaly and his relentless drive to develop Kinect-controlled LED lights, the community is surely headed towards that. They have christened this project, “Depth Perception”. In this video release, the user shows the on-going development of the LED-Kinect integration by showing how his movements, captured by the Kinect is then transferred to the LED lights, lighting up to create an identical framework of the user. When the user raises his hand, the LED lights show a similar movement. Likewise, if the Kinect does not detect a user, no display is shown. This development, although currently minuscule in scale, is concrete evidence that through the Kinect, spectacular displays can be achieved. We are excited to see what Marcus Ghaly can do if this Kinect Hack can have a larger scale. Moreover, if we see the commercialization of this technology, should we expect to see more of sky scraper LED light shows?

For more information about the Depth Perception, visit the project’s website.

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