The avid members of Code Computerlove are at it again and this time, they have interactive windows and the Kinect to contribute to the community. With a vision of having interactive, motion-based computers at the (or off the) hands of users, they launched this project which can be recognized as the initial phase of cloud computing. In this video release, the team from Code ComputerLove showcases how through one’s hand movements, information, photos and videos can be accessed. This development aims to provide users with a convenient and interesting way to do their computing. Imagine, if these interactive windows are mass produced and developed, you can do your shopping, browsing and chatting virtually anywhere. No need to bring laptops or rent computers from cafes as in the future, these windows and the Kinect may populate every street corner you pass through.

Here is a quick description of the Interactive Window:

“A little video showing off some of the interactive experiments Code have been doing recently with the Xbox Kinect. Using modified openNI & Primesense c++ middleware to communicate a user’s hand x, y and z coordinates to a javascript socket server. Finally using a pure AS3/AIR project to decipher and render the data from the socket.”

For more information about Code ComputerLove and their Kinect Interactive Window, visit their website.

Visit Website


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