Here is something to tickle your sweet tooth and also please your thirst for creativity. Youtube user TheSlickstreamer released this video of using the Kinect to instruct candy machines to dispense candy via the Kinect. In this video, you can observe how the user puts his hand below the candy machine dispenser and gets candy without the need to press or push anything. This is made possible by the Kinect’s camera as it detects not only the movement in its surroundings but also the gestures from the user. If the user properly presents his hand at the bottom of the dispenser, the Kinect detects this and sends the command to the computer (in this case, a Macbook). The computer then triggers the contraption mounted in the machine and then dispenses candy to fall at the palm of the user.

The developer of this Kinect Hack used openFrameworks and openKinect. For more information about this hack and other programs developed by the Kinect Candy Machine developer, visit his website.


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