We were given another simple yet amazing Kinect program that enables users to use physical body gestures to control this AR drone. Tom Zickel submitted this video demonstrating the gesture-controlled AR drone, hovering around the room. Kinect controlled quadrotors are no strangers to the Kinect community. But each Kinect program that utilizes these mobility machines is a welcome addition and a step further towards having an efficient and effective natural control platform. While it may not appear as accurate and as effective compared to having a joystick or button controlled quadrotor, the Kinect’s progress on natural user interfaces provides a dynamic and promising future for machines. One thing that conventional controls cannot detect is the speed and accuracy of a human reflect. One the Kinect (or at least, a future depth camera device) is programmed and attuned to detect this, these quadrotors may soon reflect the user’s movements down to the very human reflex.

For more information about the Kinect Controlled AR Drone, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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