Never play with fire… unless of course the visual effects of it can be replicated using the Kinect. Vimeo user¬†flight404 shared this video on how, with the Kinect, you can render all the objects ¬†in the Kinect’s gaze and set them aflame. The video shows how users can place the “on-fire” effect in real-time video capture. The developer used the Kinect as well as Cinder in order to generate this video effect. With videos having the ability to have production editing done at real time, editors and directors are starting to expand the possibilities of videos they can compose. Also, some games may benefit from this real-time video effect. Imagine, since you can ignite virtual objects in real time, what is stopping you from creating awesome videos or games that make use of this technology?

For more information about the Kinect Conflagration Effect, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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