Let your actions do the speaking as the Kinect gives you the ability to create words! The Kinect Common Report is a natural user interface the let’s users input texts and also arrange their size and positioning through actions. This video by Jeremy Archers showcases the basic principle guiding this hack and also the words and messages you can create with the Common Report. In the video, the Kinect detects the 2 hands of the user as the primary input. When the user highlights a specific letter, it goes to the main board as component for a word. After the user is finished creating his word, he can then position or enlarge it through his gestures. Creating multiple words and positioning them properly results into an interactive message! Created from your actions and spoken with words, the Kinect Common Report is indeed the platform for you to “show what you speak”.

For more information about the Kinect Common Report, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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