Expressive art works are becoming more accessible to users now that the Kinect and artist-developers are constantly sharing their programs to the artistic community. The most recent addition is these seemingly living brush strokes that follow the user’s hand movements. With the Kinect, users are given the feature to have their hands tracked and brushes with changing colors are assigned to the user’s hand. The user can then move his hand in order to generate visually appealing brush strokes in a blank canvass. Accompanied with music and the right movements, this Kinect Colored Living Brush Strokes brings in another spectacular form of Kinect art to the community.

In this video by Youtube User , the Kinect Colored Living Brush Strokes show this form of hybrid art to the users. The colors of the brushes are changing, adding more depth to the visuals. The speed and direction of the strokes depend on the user’s prerogative. The user can then use either music or their emotions as the theme for the brush-hand movements. A spectacular sight, this Kinect Art addition just teases the Kinect Community to want more contributions in the future.

For more information about the Kinect Colored Living Brush Strokes, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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