The famed color box is expanding its artistic reach by providing additional effects and controls to this great concept! The Kinect Colorbox Haiku is an expansion to the existing concept of gesture-controlled projected visual box. This video by Gabriel Mott displays the ever improving Color Box and how users who immerse themselves inside it can get the experience of a lifetime. ┬áIn the video, users go inside the box where the Kinect captures the user’s body and arm movements. Whenever the user moves their arms, the box reacts, changing in color and producing various effects that correspond to the action. In addition, being outside or inside the box gives a delightful spectacle. Being inside gives users the feel of creation and control and viewing the box outside gives a feeling of beauty and technological prowess to passersby. This is indeed a artistic and stunning concept that will no doubt bring additional entertainment and scenery to events and places!

For more information about the Kinect Colorbox Haiku, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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