Be the center of the party and have your gestures color the core of the event. The Kinect Color Box is another one of the art-inspired Kinect programs only this time, a user’s gestures control the color and effects of a gigantic box. This video by Gabe Colors showcases the Kinect Color Box’s potential in improving the celebratory atmosphere. In the video, users are placed inside the Color Box where they take control of the colors and effects that will be displayed inside and outside. Their movement as well as their outline are projected to the 4 sides of the box, ensuring that all viewers can appreciate that beauty of the box as well as the actions of the user that makes the effects possible. With a big, interactive box like this in the party scene or at least in a convention, users will surely be charmed.

Here is a description by the developers:

“By linking aspects of color such as hue, value, and saturation to body movement, the visual perceptive system is unmasked. For example, a gradient background against a flat circle is linked to the left arm. Raising the arm lifts up the curtain revealing white and showing a flat circle for what it is. However, lowering the curtain to exactly the point where the midline is of equal value, the circle appear as if it has depth. It literally appears darker at the bottom and lighter at the top.By putting the visual perceptive system “in your hands”, you experience viscerally the extent to which your eyes accentuate difference in the real world.”

For more information about the Kinect Color Box, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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