Now we’re talking as the Kinect now poses the possibility of giving cars the automated navigation feature. The Kinect Indoor Driver-less Car is the latest mobile machine that benefits from the Kinect. Unni Koroth recently shared this Kinect hack with us showcasing an RC Car with a Kinect mounted on it. In the video, the Kinect Driver-less car is seen stopping at certain points where it detects obstacles. It does not proceed until it has a view of a clear path ahead. While automated navigation has been featured in the Kinect community, this development poses a great possibility of automatically navigating a practical transport device. Also, the development can add features to existing cars. Especially on times that the driver is disoriented, a mounted Kinect detecting anything in front of the car might can automatically stop the car, preventing any accidents.

For more information about the Kinect Indoor Driver-less car, visit the project’s website. You can also download the codes there.

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