What better way to make your presence felt than to have a whole building display your actions. Sounds impossible you say but for the Kinect community, any problem is a challenge waiting to be conquered. This Kinect hack video shows how with a projector, the Kinect, a computer and, a boombox, a tall building can be colored and image “bombed” for the adventurous people out there. In this video by Youtube UserĀ  displayed graffiti project that has a whole building as its canvass. The user’s movements are translated into images using the Kinect and a computer. This in turn, is projected to the flat side of the building in a large image, allowing everyone within range to see and appreciate the art.

Here is a brief description by the developers:
“GRL Perth Projector bombs the Telstra Building in Perth, using experimental software allowing participants to paint with there whole body.

Software by Steve Berrick and Jerrem Lynch. Built using openframeworks communicating to kinect camera.”

For more information about the Kinect Building Graffit, vist the developers’ website.

Visit Website


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