Last year, we showcased a hack called “Kinect Integrarte Entregarte,” a hack that gave a glimpse of the the various visual artistic pieces that one can create when imagination is partnered with a Kinect. If you enjoyed that hack, then we’ve got good news for you — the developer has come up with a new project and we’re featuring it today.

The Kinect Hack is called “Between” and here’s a description from the developer, Barbara Castro:

” In BETWEEN, the provocation is the division of the body, which is reflected as half image, half data captured by Kinect. Both sides of this body alternate according to the orientation of the body, so that the interactor never see his face. Furthermore, the side that represents the body as data, displays a virtual body, along with the representation of the one that is present. This virtual body is a result of the artist’s body experience. When the interactor approaches the place that the virtual body is supposedly occupying a web emerges connecting the two bodies.

“The choice of keeping the virtual body only in the form of data and no image was to reinforce the difficulty of identifying with this reflection. Together the two bodies can merge to enhance the expressiveness of body movement, reducing the individuality characterized by a face. The installation still endorse this dichotomy between presence / absence when the records the public, turning these temporary experiences digital to ensure the presence of the bodies, even if virtual. The projection of these bodies is done in a frosted glass, the door of the gallery. Therefore, the experience is designed at the boundary between the gallery interior and exterior, making it possible to watch the performance of both physical and virtual bodies from the two viewpoints.”

That was pretty awesome wasn’t it? With two amazing projects in a row, we’re curious to see what Barbara will come up with next.


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