I’m sure everyone has been in this situation at one point in their lives: You’re sitting at your doctor’s office. You’re bored out of your skull. Your smartphone/gaming device is low on juice and can’t offer you any respite. The magazines are more than a decade old and you’ve memorized every single one of them after your last visit. Don’t you wish you had something to distract you?

Well it looks like the developer of today’s featured hack may have an answer — an augmented reality table. The multitouch table combines with a Kinect to allow you to create a Minecraft-esque world. It’s definitely an interesting set-up and one that doesn’t seem to hard to build with the right tools and know-how.

One thing’s for sure though: it’s one hack that could easily pass the time and make those doctor visits more interesting.┬áThis actually just gives me an idea! I’ll be sure to show this to my doctor on my next visit and convince him to get something like it.



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