This product of the String SDK and the Kinect takes communication devices to a different level! The Kinect Augmented Reality 3d Video in iPad let’s users view recorded 3D video in their apple device! This video from the guys at Laan Labs displays how, with the iPad and Kinect, users can appreciate isolated 3d figures and view them at different axis. In the video, a user is using an iPad. With the iPad camera, a specific point is programmed to project the recorded 3d video within the real-time background. The Kinect records the 3d video, allowing a semi-rotatable image to be seen. Using the iPad, the users can move around and examine the pre-recorded 3d video. Now users can adjust their view of the 3d video with this awesome integration of the Kinect and iPad.

For more information about the Kinect Augmented Reality 3d Video in iPad, visit the project’s Youtube Page.

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