One of the biggest gaming conventions have unveiled a series of pleasant news and games regarding Microsoft’s Kinect. E3 2011 showcased a lot of upcoming Kinect games for people who own an Xbox and of course, the Kinect. This is good news especially for the gaming sector of the Kinect. Now that more third-party developers are committing to this revolutionary method of motion-based gameplay, we are sure to see more developments to the technology as well as wide-spread support. And in such cases, the Kinect can really shine and pave the way to the future of Natural User Interfaces and Video Gaming.

Upcoming games that will support the Kinect’s motion-capture controls are Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon, Star Wars, Forza 4, Kinect Sports Season 2, Fable and many more. Producers are very optimistic in the future of Kinect in video games as well as of the reception of this technology. We honestly can’t wait and we look forward to the upcoming games for the Kinect. Also, with the SDK coming out, there will definitely be more improvements to the controls.

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