There is nothing as impressive as creating your own art right off the bat. The Kinect Fluid Wall is an artistic program/setup which entices users to create colored artistic flows through their own physical movements. This video by Youtube userĀ  displays the Kinect Fluid Wall at work, inviting people in the event to try it out. In the video, the Kinect detects the various users who are engaged with the fluid wall. The user’s movements are detected by the Kinect and are highlighted with colors and effects by the program. With varying artistic displays, the movements created by the users are a sight to behold. From seemingly liquid flows to colored outlines, the Kinect Fluid Wall’s artistic contributions benchmarks another wave of creative hacks from the Kinect community.

Here is a description by the developers:

“Fluid Wall is a real-time, artistic fluid simulation driven by the Xbox Kinect that responds to and interacts with the silhouettes of viewer’s bodies.

Developed in one month as part of the final project for VIZA 662: Physical Computing, part of graduate coursework in the Texas A&M Masters of Science in Visualization program.

Fluid Simulation and Art Direction: Austin Hines

Kinect Integration: Naureen Mahmood”

For more information about the Kinect Fluid Wall, visit the project’s website.

Visit Website


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