The Kinect’s depth detection has seen numerous uses in the Kinect community’s list of contributions. One of the fine use of this feature is seen in this Kinect art display – the Sand Play. In this video by Heo Sanghun, the Sand Play displays how the depth detection of the Kinect contributes to the various color displays this program can exhibit. The sand is placed under a colored projector. Based on the height of the sand, the Kinect detects the depth and changes the color around the areas. This enables the user to manipulate the colors by adjusting or creating sand dunes. The result is a colorful canvass of interactive art.

Here is a description of the Kinect Sand Play:

“Sand Play” is an media art installation work for experience of augmented sand play. Using kinect sensor, it can visualize depth data to an projected image on the object. This work is co work me and my friend Wansup. Still, this is prototype. We will add more intresting features later.”

For more information about the Kinect Sand Play, visit the project’s Vimeo Page.

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