The combination of Kinect and Robots are proving to be the future for man. The Kinect Aquila 1.7b – iCub Teleoperation is a synergy between Kinect’s ability to provide gesture-based controls and a robot’s potential to accept and integrate them. This video by Youtube user  shows how, with the iCub Robot’s similarity with the human body structure, user’s can remotely control these robots to act like they do. In the video, a user is seen displaying the actions being replicated by the iCub Robot. The robot moves the way the user moves, thus creating a viable tool for remote operations. We can see that these robots can help save lives by having the accuracy of human functions integrated to them by the Kinect.

Here is a description by the developer:

“This video demonstrates Aquila’s Kinect module used for iCub humanoid robot teleoperation.

The Kinect module is implemented using OpenKinect, OpenNi and NITE libraries. This module tracks human skeleton and calculates angle of each join, sends this information to YARP ports and to the robot. The module also controls Kinect’s tilt and LED lighs as well as renders real-time user recognition and skeleton mapping. This visualisation can be simply recorded as a video or individual frames.”

For more information about the Kinect Aquila 1.7b, visit the project’s website.


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