Great concept projects from users are getting a great boost in the motion-capturing segment largely due to the Kinect’s depth camera features. The latest project to benefit from the Kinect is the full volumetric display of Albert Hwang, Matt Parker and Elliot Woods. The “Lumarca” is composed of these multiple long strings of glass that light up depending on the desired animation. This results to a full 3d spectacle for observers. Wired with the Kinect, the Lumarca is able to create 3d motion videos that can be viewed by audience around the Lumarca setup. Any motion or object captured by the Kinect is transfered to the Lumarca, lighting up the glass strings to create a 3-dimensional light replica.

This video by Youtube UserĀ  shows the Lumarca’s features and how the Kinect has contributed in expanding what the Lumarca can do. The user is able to capture his outline and a box’s in order to display those images to the Lumarca. The lights of the Lumara follow the motion captured by the Kinect, giving the Lumarca a real time feed of the actions of the designated user.

For more information about the Kinect Lumarca, visit Matt Parker’s website.

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