Kinect has now given users the ability to digitally paint using body gestures. Code developer Vangos Pterneas is the author of this source code wherein by using Visual Studio and Kinect, users can create works of art through physical movements. He calls this project, KinectPaint. The video released by Vangos Pterneas showcases this by using the Kinect device for input commands and Visual Studio as his base software. He then proceeded in creating various colored circles through the movement of his arm.  He has also programmed a punch action to halt/start painting activities. This enables the user to create separate images in one canvass.

Vangoes Pterneas used the OpenNI library, .NET Framework 4.0 and a Windows 7 / Vista OS. In his blog, he details the process of installing the necessary programs and inputting the codes for KinectPaint to work. Once activated, users can freely paint (digitally) with their hands. KinectPaint is still in its early stages but its current state is already foreshadowing the future of motion painting. We might very well see a more comprehensive and detailed Kinect+Art Program being developed.

For more information about the KinectPaint, visit Vangoes Pterneas’ website or you can download the source code of KinectPaint here.


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